YIZHAN CARTRIDGE orginated in Taiwan Island is an enterprise integrating ceramic cartridge development , production, inspection and sales. First introduced CNC machines from Japan in manufacturing plumbing parts. In the year 2000, YIZHAN transferred Taiwan production equipment and technologies to Shanghai to established Shanghai Yizhan Sanitaryware Co. Ltd., and launched the bland of YIZHAN CARTRIDGE. Due to the need of business development, in 2011 SHANGHAI YIZHAN invested in cartridge production base at Kaiping Cuishanhu New Developed Aera, Guangdong, China and setup Kaiping Yizhan Valve Core Co., Led.


Yizhan company has excellent production management level, multiple production and assembly lines and dozens of advanced production, processing and testing equipment at home and abroad. Yizhan valve core has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system, and has obtained a number of national technical patents for several years. It has successively passed a number of international certifications such as American MC, NSF, European en817, French ACS, German KTW, W270, Australian watermark, British wras and German reach and PAHs tests. The company's products are jointly guaranteed by Allianz Insurance.


Yizhan valve core company has been pursuing high-performance valve core of safe production, environmental protection, energy saving and water saving! Strictly control each production process, reduce horizontal error, effectively enhance the stability of product structure, and select Yizhan valve core is to choose high-quality, green and healthy life!


Over the past ten years since entering the mainland, Yizhan valve core has been unanimously recognized and highly praised by the national competent authorities and the national sanitary ware industry association with stable product quality and good after-sales service. It has successively won many honors, such as China's excellent sanitary ware supporting supply enterprise, famous sanitary ware brand, recommended merchant for China's 2010 Shanghai World Expo, etc.