YIZHAN CARTRIDGE originated in Taiwan in 1980. At the initial stage, it introduced CNC machine tool to engage in valve core manufacturing.
In 2000, all production equipment and technology of the company were transferred to Shanghai, Shanghai Yizhan sanitary equipment Co., Ltd. was established, and the brand of "YIZHAN CARTRIDGE" was launched.
Due to the needs of industry development,Kaiping Yizhan Valve Core Co.,Ltd. was established in 2011 in the production base of cuishanhu new area, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province.
In response to the expansion of the company's business scale, the company invested in the construction of new standard plants and introduced advanced injection molding equipment from Engel, Germany in 2016; Yizhan valve core has excellent production management level, with multiple production and assembly lines, injection molding workshop and dozens of advanced testing equipment at home and abroad.
Yizhan valve core has become a long-term friendly strategic partner of well-known Sanitary Ware brands at home and abroad, and has won a good reputation from customers. It is deeply recognized by customers. It is the valve core brand trusted by Sanitary Ware brands.